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Headquartered in Berkeley, California, GVI is a leading innovator of 3D mapping systems and  technologies, and now their hardware and software systems are available for Australian market. We provide a wide range of GreenValley InternatIonal Inc (GVI) aerial, terrestrial, handheld, and mobile LiDAR survey and mapping hardware systems, as well as cutting-edge software and service solutions. By partnering with the industry’s most innovative companies like Reigl, Velodyne, and DJI Livox, we strive to bring to our customers the most effective products that will get the job done.

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3D LiDAR Mapping Systems Portfolio

3D LiDAR Scanning Acquisition Hardware

Partning with Riegel, Livox, Hesai and Berkel University of Califonia, GVI have developed 3D mapping systems for aerial and land survey, which have been pplied in mining, forestry, powerline inspection, utility and geology industries. 

Aerial Survey 3D Scanning System

LiAir V70

  • LiDAR Sensor: Livox Avia      
  • System Accuracy: ±5cm
  • Dection Range: 190m @ 10% reflectance
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (Excl. Camera)

LiAir 50N

  • LiDAR Sensor: Velodyne’s Puck
  • System Accuracy: ±5cm
  • Dection Range: 100m @ 20% reflectance
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (Incl. Camera)

LiAir 220N

  • LiDAR Sensor: Hesai Pandar40P
  • System Accuracy: ±5cm
  • Dection Range: 200m @ 10% reflectance
  • Weight: 2.0 kg (Incl. Camera)

LiAir 250Pro

  • LiDAR Sensor:  Riegl miniVUX-3 UAV
  • System Accuracy: ±3cm @80m AGL
  • Dection Range: 190m @ 10% reflectance
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (Excl. Camera)


  • LiDAR Sensor:  Riegl VUX-1 LR
  • Scan Rate: 10Hz ~ 200Hz
  • Dection Range: 1350m @ reflectance >=60% 
  • Weight: 4.35 kg 


  • LiDAR Sensor:  Riegl VUX-1 LR
  • Scan Rate: 10Hz ~ 200Hz
  • Dection Range: 1350m @ reflectance >=60% 
  • Weight: 17 kg 

Terrestrial Survey 3D LiDAR Scanning System

LiBackpack DCG50

  • LiDAR Sensor: 2 *  Velodyne’s Puck
  • Relative Accuray: 3cm
  • Dection Range: 100m @ 20% reflectance
  • Working Model: Backpack
  • Weight: 8.6 kg 

LiBackpack C50

  • LiDAR Sensor: 1 * Velodyne’s Puck
  • Relative Accuray: 3cm
  • Dection Range: 100m @ 20% reflectance
  • Working Model: Backpack & Handheld
  • Weight: 7.1 kg 


  • LiDAR Sensor: 1 * Velodyne’s Puck
  • Relative Accuray: 3cm
  • Dection Range: 100m @ 20% reflectance
  • Working Model: Standing
  • Weight: 3.0 kg 


  • LiDAR Sensor: XT32
  • Relative Accuray: ±3cm
  • Dection Range: 120m 
  • Working Model: Vehicle mounted
  • Weight: 4.7 kg 

Handheld LiDAR Scanning System - LiGrip

LiGrip is a handheld LiDAR scanner with SLAM rotating 3D mapping system launched by GreenValley International. It is with futuristic design, minimalistic style, extremely lightweight, waterproof, durable and comfortable to use and carefree of chronic low-level leaks and adverse conditions.

  • LiDAR Sensor: 1 *  Velodyne’s Puck
  • Relative Accuray: 3cm
  • Dection Range: 100m @ 20% reflectance
  • Working Model: Handheld, Airborne, Mobile-mounted, and backpack
  • Weight: 1.5 kg 

LiDAR Point Cloud Processing Software - LiDAR 360, LiGeoReference, & LiFuser

GVI also developed few software suites to process LiDAR point cloud data, including LiDAR 360 and its terrain, forestry, powerline, mining and city modules, LeoReference, LiFuser etc.

LiDAR360 is a comprehensive point cloud post-processing software that includes a variety of toolsets to efficiently visualize, manipulate and generate meaningful geospatial products from point cloud data.

The LiDAR360 Framework lays the foundation for the entire software suite. With TB-level processing power, the Framework contains tools required for effectively interacting and manipulating LiDAR point cloud data. Functions include data management, automatic strip alignment, and point cloud classification. It also allows users to upgrade to application-specific modules such as terrain, ALS/ TLS Forestry, and Geological Analysis.
In the latest version 5.0, the powerline module is added to LiDAR360. Users can conduct professional analysis on powerline data, such as classification, danger point detection, and so on.

GVI LiDAR Solutions, Applications and Case Studies

Smart City And Building Information

Advantages: • It can be equipped with different • Data collected from LiDAR are of high accuracy • Both under & above ground • 3D modelling of enterprise for planning, controls, simulations, safety, mapping, etc. • The data can be used in digital cities, digital forestry, digital cultural relics, and digital water conservancy.


Foresty Information

Intelligent and Automated Solutions for collecting and Managing Forestry Information: • How many trees are there in a specific area? • How tall are the trees in the area that I am going to harvest timber from? • How much carbon is stored in the biomass of the forests that I am studying? • How much wood will get the forest in front of me yield at harvest?

Mining Survey 3

Mining Application

Mining companies around the globe are adopting new digital tools to increase their productivity and capitalize on innovation that is taking place in 3D surveying and mapping. GVI provides advanced lidar solutions that help companies build cost-effective, step- change increases in performance that are also sustainable.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

GreenValley International (GVI) offers the most advanced and reliable LiDAR equipment which helps users obtain the point cloud with high-accuracy and high-density. Also, the software offered by GVI gives users a perfect user experience when georeferencing and process the point cloud data. Last but not least, GVI’s software allows users to export the point cloud data into various data formats which can be imported by third-party software for further process and generate different kinds of 3D models.

Transmission Line Inspection Solution

To better support the inspection of power line and transmission tower, we here introduce a solution for smart inspection of power line and transmission tower through the combination of UAV LiDAR and photogrammetry.

HD Map

GVI's HD Map Solutions include: Data Acquisition; Data Fusion; Object Dection; Vectorization and Mapping;

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