Survey-grade Mobile Laser Scanners - Riegl Laser Sensors

GVI also integrated the RIEGL Laser sensors into mobile laser scanners which provide accurate data at high speeds and are ideal for survey-grade mapping applications. They feature fast data acquisition rates and a high-resolution imaging sensor. They also offer an ultra-wide field of view for greater spatial coverage. A mobile lidar scanner with RIEGL sensors is ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications.

mobile lidar scanner with Riegl VUX-1 LR - mobile laser scanners

Survey-Grade Mobile Laser Scanners for Infrastructure Projects

A mobile Laser scanner provides high accuracy digital mapping for large infrastructure projects, while limiting traffic disruption and increasing safety. Compared to conventional surveying, it saves on time and costs. Its high speed allows it to survey large areas quickly and efficiently, avoiding delays and traffic snarls. It also requires less manpower than traditional surveying methods, reducing the potential for human error and ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

A Mobile laser scanning system incorporates high-resolution LiDAR sensors, spherical vision cameras, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems mounted on a moving platform. It is ideal for mapping linear infrastructure, and uses non-invasive survey methods to create high-resolution 3D point clouds that are usable for engineering design, feature extraction, and Digital Terrain Modelling. A Mobile laser scanning system can also be used to assess the condition of existing infrastructure.


Key Features of Survey Grade Mobile Laser Scanner

liair 250 pro mobile lidar scanner - mobile laser scanner - mobile laser scanning system


A range of optional modules is available to fit customers’ specific needs in various of industries.


The all-new integrated vehicle mounting system, with pullout design. Highly adaptable to various SUV models.

Control Method

The real-time running condition and the state of the system can be monitored through wireless and wired control.

Lightweight Design

Robust aluminum housing and small PCB boards are adopted to reduce the interior space significantly to compact the size and weight of the system.

Power Supply

Powered by a battery compartment containing a maximum of six easy-carry batteries, it lasts all day without needing a recharge.

Mobile Laser Scanning System with Riegl MiniVUX -3

Laser Sensor: Riegl MiniVUX-3 UAV

NOSE : APX15 (Configurable)

Range Accuracy: ± 1.5cm
Detection Range: 330 m @ 80% reflectance
System Accuracy: ± 3 cm @ AGL 80m
Target echoes per laser shot: 5
Weight: 1.9 kg (Excl. Camera) 2.1 kg (Incl. Camera)

data sample for mobile lidar scanner / mobile laser scanner / mobile laser scanning system
Data Sample

Applications of Mobile Laser Scanners