Molas NL - Nacelle Wind LiDAR for Wind Turbine Power Performance Test

Comparing to the nacelle wind LiDAR solution for wind turbine power performance test, the traditional methodology with Met-mast needs to install a wind measurement tower in the main wind direction of the wind turbine under test, and set up a barometer, a hygrometer, a thermometer and other equipment, and the cost is high, the test time is long and the project is also more complex. 

Additonally, there is still a certain distance between the wind measurement tower and the wind turbine, which will lead to certain deviations in the wind measurement data. If nacelle mounted wind LiDAR is used instead, it can measure wind speed and wind direction at the same location with the wind turbine rotor, which can effectively increase the area of the test sector, shorten the test time, reduce costs, and make the data analysis results more accurate.

Molas NL is a nacelle wind lidar which is independently developed by Nanjing Movelaser for wind power customers’ intelligent application solutions. It is a remote sensing laser device which can be installed above the wind turbine nacelle. It uses a coherent detection system based on the principle of laser Doppler frequency shift to achieve an accurate measurement of the wind vector field from the top of the nacelle to the front tens of to several hundred meters ahead of turbine rotor.

Molas NL measures and records wind data information of 400 m in front of wind turbines. After it’s connected to the main control system of the wind turbine, it can realize the functions in a variety of automated operating scenarios such as yaw control, load optimization, power curve test and so on.

molas nl nacelle wind lidar for offshore wind turbine power performance test

In June 2019, Movelaser Molas NL nacelle-based wind lidar was installed at an offshore wind farm in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.It was applied to the power curve verification of offshore wind turbines.The wind turbine is Siemens 4.0MW model with a hub height of 90 meters and a blade length of 62.5 meters.The cost of setting up a offshore Met-mast is millions of RMB, which is difficult to construct, expensive and unable to move. Movelaser Molas NL nacelle-based wind lidar can adapt to the marine environment very well, the equipment cost is low, installation and dismantling only takes half a day, saving a lot of time and costs. It is currently the best choice for offshore wind measurement for power curve validation.

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