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2D LiDAR Sensor for Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance lidar only needs to detect the surrounding obstacles, and the technical requirements are relatively low. The application of obstacle avoidance lidar is relatively early and has a wide range. At present, its technology is very mature. In general, traditional magnetically permeable AGVs are generally equipped with two lidars to avoid obstacles. Due to higher safety requirements, forklift AGVs are generally equipped with 3 obstacle avoidance lidars, two in the front and one in the back. The latest generation of autonomous navigation AGV or AMRs are basically equipped with 1-2 lidars, which are arranged diagonally. Due to the structure of the chassis body, the lidar is not suitable to be placed on the top of the car body, and the FOV of the lidar is generally 270, so most of them need to arrange two lidars front and rear or diagonally to achieve 360 scanning. 

LeiShen specifically developed W series Anti-collision lidar Scanner is mainly applied to performs collision avoidance and area detection for AGV, RGV, Robot, ect. There are 15 field sets to be chosen and finally output with signals of switching values and point cloud, and this feature allows the AGV to continuously scan multiple interested to detect potential obstacles. 

W series lidar also comes with IP67 Ingress Protection, high shock and vibration resistance. This enables it to operate with no hassle under any industrial application environments. 

Laser Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014 

Range: up to 10m

Monitoring Area Numbers: can be set up to 15 different monitoring areas;

Outputs: 3 digital outputs represent warning, slow-down, and stop signals

Data points: up to 20,000 points per second

FOV – Horizontal: 270°

Ingress Protection: IP67

Operating Temperature: -20℃~ 60℃

Download the Specifications of W010C anti-collision lidar. 

3D LiDAR Collision Avoidance Solutions

3d lidar collision avoidance solution
3D LiDAR Collision Avoidance Solution Architecture

The 3D lidar Collision Warning System (CWS) employs Leishen intelligent’s 3D lidar as the detection sensor, combined with a 3D anti-collision algorithm module to realize an all-round scanning of the surrounding environment. Detecting obstacles in real time, and outputting warning signals, the CWS can be used in AGV, robot, forklift and other fields.
With the most comprehensive lidar products on the market, from single-line to 16-line, 32-line, 64-line and 128-line products, LeiShen is enabled to customize special anti-collision systems for customers according to different application scenarios. In addition, the product algorithm unit provides a wealth of interfaces to choose, including network port, serial port, switch value output, and CAN output. With a variety of protected area combinations built in the algorithm unit, users can set different protected area groups based on their own needs.

Download the detailed document for 3D LiDAR collision avoidance solutions. 

3d lidar collision avoidance settings
Area and Level Configurations
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