Trion P1 Handheld LiDAR Scanner

US$8,699.00 Excl. GST/VAT

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just 3D-curious, a walk around the site with the P1 lets you digitize your environment quickly and accurately.

Introduction of Trion P1 Low Cost LiDAR Scanner

Key System Features of Trion P1 Scanner

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Dataset of Trion P1 Scanner

Applications of Trion P1 Low Cost LiDAR Scanner

Property Management and Assessment

Assess structural integrity, plan spaces, and identify areas in need of repair or renovation. Reduce uncertainty in investment decisions with insights from a rich spatial dataset.

LiDAR for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Make more informed decisions on your projects from blueprint to QA/QC with building surveys, scan to CAD&BIM, as-built documentation, floor plans, and stockpile volumes.

Media and Entertainment

Craft new realities based on real-world inspirations. Whether you're creating video games, virtual tours, or cinematic environments, capture the essence of both indoor and outdoor settings.

Forestry and Vegetation Analysis

Manage and monitor tree inventory with a quick walk in the forest. Measure crowns, analyze breast diameter and tree height using precise point cloud data.

Public Safety

Leverage point cloud data to enhance disaster preparedness and recovery plans. Quickly record evidence and crime or accident scenes for immediate and accurate forensic documentation.


Facilitate communications between teams before and during robotics deployment. Plan routes and enhance robot obstacle avoidance with 2D maps and 3D models of the environment.

Complete Point Cloud Solution

Complete Point Cloud Solution

Real-time point cloud visualization software

Enhance your scanning experience with the FJD Trion Scan software. This real-time visualization tool can help you monitor the scanning process thus ensure a complete data capture in one scan.

FJD Trion Model

Point cloud processing software

FJD Trion Model is a PC-based point cloud processing solution that enables denoising, colorization, and classification. Industry-specific modules empower quick and seamless results for like floor plan generation for construction, volume calculation for tunnels, and tree segmentation for forestry.