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LiAir H800 Drone LiDAR Scanner – Long Range

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LiAir H800 is a new generation of medium and long range lidar scanning system developed. It integrates domestic light and small lidar, self-developed inertial navigation and built-in high-resolution mapping camera. It has the advantages of lightweight and long range. It can be used with flight control software GreenValley and data post-processing software LiGeoReference , and the product is compatible with M350\M300 RTK .

Key Features of LiAir H800 Long Range Drone LiDAR Scanner

LiAir H800 has light weight design, and can be carried by DJI M300 or M350. With longer scanning range, better penetration ability, it performs better than mini-LiDAR systems in forestry, emergency disaster surveys, and long-range powerline inspections, etc.

Long Range

Up to 1000m scanning range

High Frequency

Up to 1000 kHz scanning frequency