Turn-key Wind Measurement LiDAR Solution for Australian & New Zealand Wind Projects

Patent Pending Turn-key Wind LiDAR System, Patent Application Number: AU 2022901693

We are bringing Molas B300 Wind measurement LiDAR developed by Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd to Australia and New Zealand market, and we specifically developed a portable system that is easy to operate and relocate on site, which can be set up in about half an hour with 2 technicians after the LiDAR system arrives on site. It also comes with cattle proof capability, which doesn’t require to install extra fence. It can be used for our local wind farm projects (Wind energy assessment & forecast, and power curve validation tests) and atmospheric monitoring projects. 

Key Features


LiDAR, power supply, and communication system are all included in the package.


The whole system is integrated on a 8X5 trailer and can be towed with 4X4 light vehicle without brake controller.

Easy to Operate

The system can be setup by 2 technicians within half an hour after the system arrives on site

Great quality

No comprise considered when talk about quality during design and manufacturing.

The Architecture of the Turn-key Wind Measurement LiDAR System

turn key lidar system architecture

The turn-key wind monitoring lidar system includes the following components: Molas B300 Wind LiDAR (1), Solar power supply system (900W solar plus 800Ah deep cycle battery), communication system – 3G/4G Modem (2) & Satellite Modem (3, Optional), lockable fencing and Earthing(4). 

Monitoring Features of the System

The turn key wind measurement lidar system can be monitoring from both local and remote. The status of the Molas B300 and power system can be accessed from anywhere of the world with internet, please find the general introductionb below:

Local Monitoring for Molas B300 LiDAR

Molas B300 can be monitored and configured with its client application, such as measurement heights setting, orientation compensation, Email addresses to receive the data, and data can also be downloaded locally. The status of the system like wind data, SNR, THP sensor readings can also be monitored locally. 

Remote Monitoring for Molas B300 LiDAR

Molas B300 can also be monitored and configured with its web based remote platform, similar with the local monitoring app, the wind data can also be downloaded remotely and the status of Molas B300 like wind data, SNR, THP sensor readings can also be monitored remotely. 

Remote Monitoring for Charge Controller and Battery

The status of the power supply of wind measurement lidar system, like voltage of the battery (which also represents the battery level for deep cycle battery), generation, can be monitored remotely via Victron VRM portal.


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