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Company Overview - Leishen Intelligent

Founded in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent System has become to an innovative global leading provider of 3D LiDAR sensors and 2D LiDAR sensors and solutions in ADAS, autonomous driving, intelligent transport system, robotics, AGV and other intelligent industries.  

Leishen’s headquarter is based in Shenzhen, while 2 factories located in Shenzhen and Zhejiang respectively, 4 offices in mainland China, 1 office in Europe & 1 office in USA. They have 350 employees in total and hold more than 200 patents. 

In year 2019, more than 10,000 units of Lidar sensors were manufactured, sold and delivered to their clients globally.

Leishen 3D Lidar Sensors - Autonomous Driving & ADAS

Chips, high-precision maps and navigation, algorithms, simulation, radar and multi-sensor fusion… There are many key technologies for autonomous driving, but sensors undoubtedly determine whether autonomouse driven vehicle can go well and go further. 


Talking about sensors, lidar, millimeter-wave radar and cameras are recognized as the three key sensor technologies for autonomous driving. From a technical point of view, Lidar has a powerful three-dimensional resolution capability compared with the other two.



Leishen is one of the two manufacturers globally of which products can meet the Automotive Grade Standard. And they developed the CH series hybrid solid-state Lidars sensors (with 128, 120, 80, 64, & 32 channels) to meet the requirements of L4 & L5 autonomous car. 

Click here to download the catalog for ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle applications. 

CH Series Hybrid Solid-State 3D LiDAR Sensors

The CH Series 128/120/64/32/16 Channel LiDAR sensors is designed for Automotive Grade Standards to meet demands of L4 and L5 autonomous cars. With a hybrid solid-state structure. The horizontal FOV is 150°. Its detection range is up to 300m, and the distance accuracy is ±2cm, which can work with high-speed, low-speed cars and other scenarios


  • Breakthrough in the Automotive Grade of Temperature & Shock Requirement
  • Flexible options, products with 128, 120, 80, 64, & 32 channels available
  • Perfect Performance With The Most Attractive Price
  • All components meet the Automotive Grade Requirement

CX Series 360° Multi-Channel 3D LiDAR Sensors

CX Series 32 / 20 / 16 channel LiDAR achieves 360° 3D high-speed scanning with 32 / 20 / 16 -beam laser, measurement range up to 200 m, ±3cm accuracy, minimum vertical angle resolution up to 0.33°(C32) /1°(C20).



  • High point density, capable of generating approximately 320,000 3D point cloud coordinates per second
  • Wide field of view, with 360°horizontal FOV and 32°vertical FOV
  • Compact size and light weight


3D Lidar Sensors in ADAS & Autonomous vehicle Application Examples

Leishen Lidar Sensors - ITS

ITS System Overview

Vehicle and road synergism System is based on wireless communication, sensor detection and other technologies to obtain vehicle and road information. Through vehicle and road information interaction and sharing, it realizes intelligent collaboration and cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure, and achieves the goal of optimizing the use of system resources, improving road traffic safety and easing traffic congestion. This technology, beyond doubt, is the result of the integration of information technology with automobile and transportation industries. 

smart city lidar solutions



In order for cooperating with the vehicle and road, the R & D is based on the roadside LiDAR system, and it can cooperate with other multi-sensor to integrate road information, including pedestrians and objects, into V2X data network, it then broadcasts to the surrounding or further distance vehicles by the traffic control center server, and provides traffic information and traffic safety information prompts for vehicles.

smarty city lidar system architecture

ITS Lidar Sensors

Leishen hybrid solid-state CH series, HS (High Speed) series and CX series (Mechnical 306°) Lidar sensors are ideal for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) , such as smart zebra crossing system, intersection & tunnel monitoring, over-dimensional vehicle detection etc. 

CH Series 3D Lidar + Camara



Key Features


100m/150m/200m (@20% reflectivity)


200m(@10% reflectivity)

300m(@70% reflectivity)

Wavelength: 905nm

Point Rate:

Single Return:

CH128: 415,000 points/s

CH32: 426,000 points/s

CH16: 213,000 points/s

Dual Return:

CH128: 830,000 points/s

CH32: 852,000 points/s

CH16: 426,000 points/s


CX Series 3D Lidar + Camara



Key Features


70m, 120m & 150

Wavelength: 905nm

Laser Product Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1 :2007 & 201 4

Measurement Technique: Time of Flight (ToF)

Point Rate:

CX32: 640,000 points/s

CX20: 400,000 points/s

FOV (Field of View):

Horizontal: 360°



CX20: -16°~3°

Rotation Rate: 5Hz, 10Hz & 20H


HS Series High Speed Products

CH64, 32 3D LIDAR for ADAS & Autonomous vehicle, mapping


HS series high-speed scanning LiDAR sensor has excellent detection accuracy and anti-interference performance, Its measurement range is up to 100 m, and distance accuracy is ±2cm. 200Hz high scan frequency can easily sense high-speed movement objects in time, and accurately capture vehicle contour information. Widely used in over-dimensional vehicle detection ,V2X vehicle-road collaboration, high accuracy surveying and mapping, etc.



100m (@10% reflectivity)

Wavelength: 905nm

Laser Product Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1 :2007 & 201 4

Measurement Technique: Time of Flight (ToF)

Point Rate:


HS1: 106,000 points/s

HS4: 426,000 points/s

HS8: 426,000 points/s


FOV (Field of View):

HS1: 120°(H) , N/A (V)

HS4: 120°(H) ,-4° ~0° (V)

HS8: 120°(H) , -6.66° ~2.66° (V)

Rotation Rate: 80Hz, 120Hz & 160Hz

Channel: 1, 4 & 8


Power Consumption: 

CH128: 14W

CH32: 10W

CH16: 9W

Shock test: 500m/s2, last 11ms

Vibration: 5Hz to 2000Hz, 3G rms

HS Demo - Vehicle Detour Detection


ITS Application Examples

Leishen Lidar Sensors - Robotics & AGV


LSLIDAR’S outdoor robotics navigation and obstacle avoidance solution is designed for relatively enclosed areas. It can be used to realize automatic patrolling, free connection in parks and sightseeing of tourist attractions. Robots or unmanned electric patrol cars may act in substitute of physical person to patrol along the given routes with automatic navigation, positioning and avoidance of crash into vehicles or people on roads. Meanwhile, real-time state monitoring of running vehicles can also be realized to ensure their operation safety. 


The conventional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) incorporating the electromagnetic induction guiding technology is less flexible and restricted by confined driving routes along the paved cables. It can no longer meet the needs of modern industrial automation and logistic automation. The AGV navigation and obstacle avoidance solution from LS lidar sensor can ensure that AGV move automatically along predetermined routes without artificial guidance, as well as free avoidance of obstacles, so that the safely transported from their original location to destination. 


Click here to download the catalog of products for Robotics & AGV. 

N301/401 Series 2D LiDAR Sensor

N301/401 Lidar for AGV, robotics


The N301/401 series of LiDAR sensor adopt the TOF principle, with a 360 ° scanning and measurement range is up to 150m. The ranging accuracy is ±3cm, which can identify the position, size and moving direction of the detected object in real time. They are ideal for AGV & Robotics applications. 


  • 360° FOV , long measurement range
  • The minimum angular resolution reaches 0.18°, ensuring measurement data accurately and stably.
  • Configuring an Ethernet interface for high-speed data transmission


10m, 30m, 50m, 100m, & 150m

Wavelength: 905nm

Laser Product Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1 :2007 & 2014

Measurement Technique: Time of Flight (ToF)


Scanning angle: 360°

Rotation Rate: 10Hz / 20Hz

Data content: distance, angle

Ranging Precision:±3cm 

Positioning accuracy: ±1cm 

Pulse Repetition Rate: 

N301: 20,000 points per second

N301HA: 300,000 points per second

Motor: Built-in Brushless Motor

Communication interface: Ethernet

Angular Resolution:

N301/401: 0.36°@20Hz, 0.18°@10Hz;

N301HA/401HA: 0.024°@20Hz, 0.012°@10Hz;

Operation Voltage: DC9V-36V

Operation temperature: -20~60℃

Dimensions (D x H, mm):

80 X 79.1 


420g (±20g) 

W Series 2D LiDAR Sensor - Collision Avoidance

LS W collision avoidance Lidar Sensor


LeiShen W series Anti-collision Laser Scanner is mainly applied to performs collision avoidance and area detection for AGV, RGV, Robotics, ect. There are 15 field sets to be chosen and finally output with signals of switching values and point cloud


  • Simultaneous output of switch and point cloud data
  • Flexible configuration to detection areas.
  • With 15 detection areas selectable and two detecting mode: independent type and correlation type



5m, 10m, & 30m

Wavelength: 905nm

Laser Product Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1 :2007 & 2014

Measurement Technique: Time of Flight (ToF)


Scanning angle: 270°

Rotation Rate: 10Hz

Monitoring area: distance, angle

Pulse Repetition Rate: 

N301: 20,000 points per second

N301HA: 300,000 points per second

Interface: NPN, PNP

Angular Resolution:

1°/ 0.36°

Operation Voltage: DC9V-28V

Operation temperature: -20~60℃

Dimensions (D x H, mm):

80 X 77.3