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High Performance and Cost Effective 3D LiDAR Sensors and 2D LiDAR Sensors for Australian Market

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Company Overview - Leishen Intelligent

Founded in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent System has become to an innovative global leading provider of 3D LiDAR sensors and 2D LiDAR sensors and solutions in ADAS, autonomous driving, intelligent transport system, robotics, AGV and other intelligent industries.  

Leishen’s headquarter is based in Shenzhen, while 2 factories located in Shenzhen and Zhejiang respectively, 4 offices in mainland China, 1 office in Europe & 1 office in USA. They have 350 employees in total and hold more than 200 patents. 

In year 2019, more than 10,000 units of Lidar sensors were manufactured, sold and delivered to their clients globally.

Leishen 3D Lidar Sensors - Autonomous Driving & ADAS

Chips, high-precision maps and navigation, algorithms, simulation, radar and multi-sensor fusion… There are many key technologies for autonomous driving, but sensors undoubtedly determine whether autonomouse driven vehicle can go well and go further. 


Talking about sensors, lidar, millimeter-wave radar and cameras are recognized as the three key sensor technologies for autonomous driving. From a technical point of view, Lidar has a powerful three-dimensional resolution capability compared with the other two.



Leishen is one of the two manufacturers globally of which products can meet the Automotive Grade Standard. And they developed the CH series hybrid solid-state Lidars sensors (with 128, 120, 80, 64, & 32 channels) to meet the requirements of L4 & L5 autonomous car. 

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CH Series Hybrid Solid-State 3D LiDAR Sensors

The CH Series 128/120/64/32/16 Channel LiDAR sensors is designed for Automotive Grade Standards to meet demands of L4 and L5 autonomous cars. With a hybrid solid-state structure. The horizontal FOV is 150°. Its detection range is up to 300m, and the distance accuracy is ±2cm, which can work with high-speed, low-speed cars and other scenarios


  • Breakthrough in the Automotive Grade of Temperature & Shock Requirement
  • Flexible options, products with 128, 64, & 32 channels available
  • Perfect Performance With The Most Attractive Price
  • All components meet the Automotive Grade Requirement

CX Series 360° Multi-Channel 3D LiDAR Sensors

CX Series 32 /16 channel LiDAR achieves 360° 3D high-speed scanning with 32 /16 -beam laser, measurement range up to 200 m, ±3cm accuracy, minimum vertical angle resolution up to 0.33°.



  • High point density, capable of generating approximately 320,000 3D point cloud coordinates per second
  • Wide field of view, with 360°horizontal FOV and 32°vertical FOV
  • Compact size and light weight


3D Lidar Sensors in ADAS & Autonomous vehicle Application Examples

2D LiDAR Sensors