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PCMaster Pro

US$3,000.00 Excl. GST/VAT

PCMasterProGL is the LiDAR point cloud generation software for Inertial Labs’ breakthrough LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, RESEPI. PCMasterProGL, powered by Waypoint Inertial Explorer from Hexagon | NovAtel, features a simple and quick workflow.

US$3,000.00 Excl. GST/VAT

LiDAR360 MLS HD LiDAR Mapping Software – Introduction

LiDAR360 MLS HD LiDAR mapping software is a terrestrial mobile laser scanning (MLS) point cloud feature extraction and analysis software independently developed by GreenValley International, which supports the processing and analysis of LiDAR point cloud and image data obtained by mainstream vehicle-mounted, backpack or handled mobile mapping systems on the market.

Data Source & Format Supported

  • Data captured by: Terrestrial SLAM LiDAR Scanning equipment and photogrammetric
  • Data format supported: las, ply, pcd, kml, csv, lidata, limodel, etc.

System Requirements:

  • RAM: at least 8G or more.
  • CPU: Intel® CoreTM i5/i7; Dual-core processor.
  • Display Adapter: NVIDIA graphics card recommended, video memory no less than 2GB.
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 10(64- bit),Microsoft Windows
    11(64- bit) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and higher.

Functions of LiDAR360 MLS

Road Element Extraction

Automated Map Element Extraction

  • Automatic extraction of road elements and road facilities based on AI from HD LiDAR mapping point cloud data, which greatly improves efficiency and can quickly expand categories.
    • Customisable road element symbol library, with 100% drawing effect fit.
    • Support the drawing of special symbols such as characters and letters in various language, and enrich the achievement database.
    • Interactive semi-automatic multi-element detection, improvement of mapping efficiency.
    • Rich road element templates, one-click drag and drop.
    • Support linear facility template customisation to achieve batch extraction of line elements.
    • Support individual segmentation and parameter extraction of road facilities such as trees and poles.

Rich Editor Tools

  • Rich vector editing tools for automatically generated HD map from LiDAR point cloud, convenient operation, improve the accuracy and reliability of vectors.
    • Support shortcut keys customisation to improve the operability of production staff.
    • Support mapping in multi-view (3D, 2D, section).
    • Support precise editing of different snap modes.
    • Support attribute table template configuration.
    • Built-in national standard road asset symbol library and general symbol library.
    • Support point cloud, feature, vertex/edge multi-level data to add annotation.