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PCMaster Pro

US$2,500.00US$3,500.00 Excl. GST/VAT

PCMasterProGL is the LiDAR point cloud generation software for Inertial Labs’ breakthrough LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, RESEPI. PCMasterProGL, powered by Waypoint Inertial Explorer from Hexagon | NovAtel, features a simple and quick workflow.

US$3,500.00 Excl. GST/VAT
US$2,500.00 Excl. GST/VAT

PCMaster Pro Software –Basic Module Introduction

The LiDAR payload consists of a LiDAR, and an INS (optionally can also include an RGB camera). The data gathered from both devices must be fused together to get LiDAR points geo-referenced – transformed from the LiDAR reference frame to geographic coordinates. PCMasterPro software is designed just for that. Additionally, it observes and corrects for misalignments between the INS and the lasers of the LiDAR. PCMasterPro software takes INS trajectory generated by a Post-Processed Kinematics software, LiDAR scan files, and camera images generated by the LiDAR payload system and converts them to point clouds in LAS format for further processing.

All LiDAR Payload units are calibrated and are shipped to customers with these boresighting values already saved onto the devices. This removes time wasted in aligning laser offsets, accounting for angle scale factor errors, adjusting linear and angular offsets and results in a streamlined, convenient processing experience.

Key Features

The key features of PCMasterPro are:

  • Post Processing of Inertial Data
  • Fast data processing
  • Effectively processing multiple datasets at once
  • Point cloud visualization and colorization
  • Visualization of misalignment correction
  • Point coloring by selected path number, laser number, or intensity
  • 3D distance measurement tool
  • XML project format for ease of automation

System Requirements:

PCMasterProGL works on Windows 10 x64 (MacOS and Linux x64 versions are in development) as well as Windows 11. The key requirement for seamless visualization of large point clouds is a fast GPU with large video memory (dedicated or shared). The software has been tested on Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards, but it is hardware independent. The rule of thumb is 1 GB of memory for every 15 million points in the cloud. Fast data processing also requires a fast CPU.

Recommended computer specifications:

    • Intel 10th gen Core i7 equivalent or better
    • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
    • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti equivalent or better
    • Windows 10 x64 or Windows 11

PCMaster Pro - SLAM Module

Automated Map Element Extraction

PCMaster Pro SLAM module is used for generating the point cloud from RESEPI Payload when scanning without GPS reception.