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AMB JS – Heavy Load Jacking Robot – With 500kg or 1000kg Capacity

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AMB JS latent jacking robots / AGV are with following features:

  • Heavy load capacity: 500 or 1000kg rated load;
  • Quick Charge: 1 hour charging for 7 hours operation;
  • CE safety certified.

Safety Certification

Safety certification (ISO 3691-4:2020) provides the highest level of quality and safety assurance.

Charge 1H, Full Load Endurance 7H

The charging pile is optional for 40A quick charge, 1 hour of charging for 7 hours of running.

Single-sided 7cm + Wide Area Rack Identification

The AGV of support unilateral 7cm+distance wide could accurately recognize the rack, adjust its position, and drive precisely into it, successfully lift the goods.

Accurate Positioning of ±5mm

Navigation positioning accuracy of ±5mm and navigation speed of 1 .5m/s help enterprises to work efficiently.

Two Load Specifications of 500/1000kg

Optional 500kg or 1000kg load models, catering to the load requirements in multiple scenarios.

General Specifications

Technical Parameters

Navigation method: Laser SLAM
Drive mode: Two-wheel differential
Shell color:  Cool Gray
L*W*H:  1 330mm*952mm*290mm
Rotation diameter:  1460mm
Load capacity: 500kg/1000kg
Chassis ground clearance:  30mm
Laser scanning height:175mm
Network Ethernet/Wi-Fi:  802.1 1 a/b/g/n/ac
Ambient temperature and humidity range:  TEMP: 0-50°C/RH: 10-90%,
no compression, no condensation
IP rating: IP20


ISO 3691-4




Battery parameters

Battery specifications: 48V/40AH (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Comprehensive battery life: 7h
Automatic charging parameters: 54.6V/40A
Charging time (10-80%): <2h
Charging method: Manual/Automatic
Battery cycle number: >1500 times