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SFL-CDD16 Automated Forklift – 1.6T Capacity, Lifting Up to 3m

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Automated forklift in small size but with 3M Lifting with Stable Load Capacity (1.6T), with 360° Large Field of View, Multiple Security Protection

SLAM Navigation, Precise and Convenient

SLAM navigation with an accuracy of ±1Omm, without reflectors and easily deployed.

3M Lifting with Stable Load Capacity (1.6T)

The load capacity will not decrease and remains at 1 ,6T when lifting to 3M.

Pallet Recognition, Precise and Efficient

High-precision identification and precise pallets forking to guaranteed handling speed.Identification of international standard pallets, European standard pallets, and non-standard pallets.

Support up to 400,000m2 Large Map

Identification of maps up to 400,000m 2, easily transcending area restrictions and providing greater handling space and more storage options.

Speed Increase 100% up to 2m/s

Maximum 2m/s running speed, 100% faster than the old model pallet truck.

Quick Charge and Change, Dual Battery and Double Endurance

Supports up to 100A fast charging. Charging 2h for single battery can run 8-10H.