LS01B Series Lidar Sensors

LS01 series LiDAR is a 2D LiDAR developed by Leishen. This series LiDAR can do 360° 2D scanning to generate spatial point cloud map .


■Filed of View:  360°

■Distance Range: 8m,16m,28m

■Accuracy:  Within 1m <10mm

■Scan Frequency:   3~10Hz

■Sampling Rate(points per second):   14.4K

■Angular Resolution:  0.25°,0.5°,1°

LS01 Series 360° 2D Laser Scanners


High-performance, long-lifetime laser scanners for navigation and anti-collision which can be applied to consumer robots. 

Small Size

Compact size, novel structure, with easy integration in sweeping robots and service robots. It is the best choice for robot positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance applications.

Scanning Methodology of LS01B Lidar

Scan Environment

The outline data by LS01

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