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LiAir X3 + LiGeo Software and Camera – Global Shipping

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LiAir X3 is the newest compact, high-performance unit in the LiAir series by GreenValley International. It adopts a new integrated design style and integrates lightweight LiDAR, self-developed inertial navigation, a high-resolution mapping camera, and onboard computer systems providing new levels of efficiency.

Delivery Terms:

DAP, Global shipping

Parts included in the package:

LiAir X3 LiDAR Scanning System with Camera;

LiGeoReference Pre-processing Software (Permanent License);


OEM Warranty, 1 year;

Lead Time:

2 weeks plus transport.


Key Features of LiAir X3-H

Lightweight & Simple

Integrated simple yet rugged design, allowing for protection against the elements with an IP64 rating. The operation interface is straightforward, allowing one touch operation for maximum efficiency.

New Camera, providing ultra-clear picture quality

Built-in new high-resolution custom mapping camera, the image resolution is upgraded from 24 Megapixels to 26 Megapixels, allowing for high-quality true-color point clouds as well as orthophotos for Photogrammetry.

Autonomous terrain and powerline following

Autonmous terrain following