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LiDAR Products

  • Bankable wind LiDAR (Vertical Profiler) for Wind farm development measurement;
  • 3D Scanning wind LiDAR for meteorological, wind shear & aircraft vortex measurement for airports;
  • Wind turbine nacelle-mounted wind LiDARs for power performance test, yaw misalignment correction, and energy yield improvement etc. 
  • Terrestrial LiDAR scanning equipment, such as handheld, backpack, and vehicle mounted LiDAR equipment
  • UAV & helicopter mounted LiDAR scanning payloads, from entry level to premium accuracy equipment; 

LiDAR Survey & Wind Measurement Services

lidar powreline survey classified point cloud

LiDAR Powerline Inspection

Powerline, Transmission Line & Substation Inspection with Drone and Mobile LiDAR Scanners Powerline, transmission line and substation inspection with Drone and Terrestrial LiDAR is an

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Powerplant Services Pty Ltd Electrical Engineer

I have had the privilege of collaborating closely with Lidar Solutions Australia for a multitude of overhead line design projects within our portfolio. Having executed numerous expansive ventures reliant on the survey data provided by Lidar Solutions, I can unequivocally affirm that their service is exemplary in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. In particular, when it comes to ASP/3 projects, Lidar Solutions has consistently delivered exceptionally accurate results with commendable punctuality.

University of NSW Founding Director at UNSW AICON Research Lab

LiDAR Solutions' GreenValley LiDAR mapping products have truly set the gold standard in the industry, combining unparalleled performance with a refreshingly affordable cost structure. It's worth noting that our experience with Wallace has been nothing short of exceptional, as he consistently goes above and beyond in delivering outstanding product service and unwavering technical support, ensuring that our needs are not just met, but exceeded in every regard.

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LiDAR Solutions is one of the best LiDAR companies in Australia and New Zealand, providing 3D laser scanning in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Wellington, Perth and beyond. We can scan any site and provide information that makes working on your project far easier. We use the latest LiDAR technologies in the world to create a full and comprehensively detailed 3D model of the surface. We’ll work with you to understand your project and its specific requirements so we can carry out effective 3D scanning services that achieve the best results.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that involves directing laser beams at a targeted area to measure the surfaces and distances. This results in a precise three-dimensional map.

A LiDAR scanner is a piece of technology designed to measure distances around a surface area by targeting and physically sweeping the area with a laser light. This data can then be used to build a 3D map.

LiDAR technology is a type of mapping technology that’s designed to scan a surface area. The system consists of a laser, a scanning device and a GPS receiver. The data that’s obtained is used to create a 3D model of the area and the structures it contains.

Although the two are similar, LiDAR technology uses laser light to capture details of a land area and structures it contains, whereas RADAR technology uses radio waves.

Geospatial technology is surface scanning technology that’s made to collect, analyse and interpret data pertaining to geographic locations, including any structures located within it. Geospatial technology is recommended for agricultural, urban planning, environmental conservation, disaster management and other fields.

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