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DJI M350 RTK Drone / UAV

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The Matrice 350 RTK, an updated flagship drone platform, raises the bar for the sector. This next-generation drone platform includes robust payload and expansion capabilities, an all-new video transmission system and control experience, an improved battery system, and more extensive safety features. It is totally capable of giving any aerial action newfound strength.

DJI M350 RTK Drone & UAV

Next-generate Flagship DJI drone platfrom


DJI M350 Specs

DJI M350 Battery And Charger Specs

DJI M350 vs DJI M300

Few upgrades have been made for DJI M350 RTK drone comparing to its precedecer M300 RTK. 

DJI M350 Payloads

DJI Payloads

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Third Party LiDAR Payload for M350

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