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LiPowerline – Powerline Point Cloud Data Analyzing Software – 1 Year Subscription

US$3,600.00 Excl. GST/VAT

LiPowerline offers an intuitive and highly efficient solution for power line inspection from LiDAR point clouds. This software includes powerful tools for the automatic and manual classifying of power lines, transmission towers, vegetation, buildings, and other objects of interest. The program can be used to automate the detection of userdefined danger points (e.g., vegetation encroachment and tree fall hazards). Built-in reporting functions allow users to quickly generate detailed project reports and results can be exported as KML formatted files.

Table of Contents

Key Features of LiStreet - Road Feature Extraction Software from Point Cloud Data

Real-Time Working Condition Analysis

  • Individual tree segmentation by span/section
  • Extract danger points along power lines
  • Detect singular tree information such as location, height, crown size, etc

Simulate & Predict Environmental Variabilitiy

  • Semi-automated tools for vectorizing insulators, power lines, and transmission towers


    Influences of tree fall, expected individual tree growth, wind, ice-loading, and air temperature on conductor sag and sway under user-defined environmental conditions

Inspections Based on LiDAR Data

  • LiPowerline was developed to extract information on corridor/right-of-way and assets (e.g., conductors and transmission towers) from LiDAR data. This information can then be used in later analyses, including those that examine phase-spacing, normal height, and inclination conditions, as well as the impacts of different environmental conditions on conductor sag.