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LiDAR Point Cloud Processing Software

What Is LiDAR Point Cloud Processing Software?

LiDAR point cloud software processes the data that are collected by LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors is referred to as LiDAR point cloud processing software. Laser pulses are used in LiDAR technology to detect distances and create incredibly accurate 3D models of the surroundings.

These software programmes provide a variety of processing, analysis, and visualisation functionalities for point cloud data. The following are some typical tasks carried out by LiDAR point cloud processing software:

Data import and export: The programme enables users to import LiDAR data in a variety of formats and to export the processed data in formats that are compatible with the input data.

Cleaning and filtering of the point cloud data: The software includes capabilities for removing noise, outliers, and undesired points.

LiDAR scans frequently need to be joined or aligned to produce an accurate picture of a larger area. This process is known as registration and alignment. Software for processing point clouds provides registration methods for precise alignment of several scans.

Classification and segmentation: Using characteristics like height, colour, or intensity, point clouds can be classified and divided into useful sections. Different areas of the point cloud, such as structures, vegetation, or the ground, can be given object names using classification algorithms.

Surface reconstruction: Using point cloud data, certain software applications offer methods to create digital terrain models or surface models.

Measurement and analysis: From the point cloud data, users can extrapolate metrics like distances, volumes, or areas. Line extraction, feature extraction, or change detection are some examples of advanced analysis methods.

Rendering and visualisation: The 3D point cloud data can be seen and explored using visualisation tools provided by point cloud processing software. This could incorporate several rendering methods including colour coding, shading, or changing the point size.

Greenvalley Internation offers end to end software solution for pre-processing as well as post-processing for various industries. Those LiDAR point cloud processing software examples are as follows:





These software programmes are used to glean useful information from LiDAR point cloud data in a variety of industries, including surveying, building, urban planning, forestry, archaeology, and autonomous vehicle development.

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