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LiBackpack DGC50 Wearable LiDAR Scanner – Velodyne VLP16 Sensor

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GVI Libackpack DGC50 is a backpack SLAM lidar system with the function of collecting high-precision geographic coordinate information point cloud and panoramic image. 


DEMO Video of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

Key Features of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

LiBackpack -easy to carry

Easy to Carry

Lightweight structure and cushioning make the LiBackpack comfortable to use.

User-friendly Data Processing

LiFuser-BP makes working with LiBackpack data quick and painless with its one-click workflows.

Real-Time Point Cloud Display

Control data collection via any WiFi enabled device and watch point clouds render in real-time from your tablet or smartphone.

Capture Reality in 3D

Gather and colorize high-fidelity LiDAR measurements at a rate of 600,000 p/sec to produce point cloud data with densities over 1,000 point per square meter.

Applications of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

General Specification of LiBackpack Wearable LiDAR Scanner

Weight (incl. camera): 8.6 kg

Relative Accuracy: 3cm

Absolute Accuracy: 5-10cm 
Power Consumption: 50W

LiDAR Sensors:
Num of Channels: 16 channels
Scan Range: 100m@20%reflectance
FOV (degree): Vertical(-90~90) Horizontal 360 
Scan Rate (single return): 600,000 p/sec 


GNSS Module


  • GPS: L1 C/A, L1C,
    L2C, L2P, L5.
  • GLONASS: L1, C/A,
    L2C, L2P, L3, L5
  • BEIDOU: B1. B2

Accuracy: 1cm+1ppm


  • Resolution: 3840*1920 
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • FOV (degree): 360
  • Pixel: 18 M

Downloads for LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

Sample Data - Download from Google Drive

Lidar for construction, building information modeling
Libackpack DGC50 Sample Data

Required Software for LiBackpack DGC50 Scanner

Pre-processing Software

Date management, Post-processing and Analyzing Software

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