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LiDAR Drone Payloads and System for Survey – Camera Included

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) drones have a wide range of applications across various industries due to their ability to accurately capture 3D data and provide detailed information about the surrounding environment. Some of the common applications for LiDAR drones include Surveying and Mapping, Forestry Management, Environmental Monitoring, Mining and Quarrying, Construction and Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Inspection, Flood Modelling and Management, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, and Wildlife Conservation, etc. 

The versatility and precision of LiDAR technology makes it a valuable tool in a wide range of industries, enabling more efficient data collection, analysis and decision-making.


New Release

Long Range

Up to 1000m scanning range

High Frequency

Up to 1000 kHz scanning frequency

High Accuracy

5mm point cloud thickness

High Penetration