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LiBackpack DGC50 Wearable LiDAR Scanner – Velodyne VLP16 Sensor

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GVI Libackpack DGC50 is a backpack SLAM lidar system with the function of collecting high-precision geographic coordinate information point cloud and panoramic image. 


DEMO Video of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

Key Features of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner

LiBackpack -easy to carry

Easy to Carry

Lightweight structure and cushioning make the LiBackpack comfortable to use.

User-friendly Data Processing

LiFuser-BP makes working with LiBackpack data quick and painless with its one-click workflows.

Real-Time Point Cloud Display

Control data collection via any WiFi enabled device and watch point clouds render in real-time from your tablet or smartphone.

Capture Reality in 3D

Gather and colorize high-fidelity LiDAR measurements at a rate of 600,000 p/sec to produce point cloud data with densities over 1,000 point per square meter.

Applications of LiBackpack DGC50 Backpack LiDAR Scanner