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LS 3D LiDAR SLAM Robot & AGV Navigation SOLUTIONS - LiDAR SLAM software & Sensor Included

The LS 3D Lidar SLAM AGV & Robots Navigation system for AGV & Robots offers the fast way to use the multi sensors fusion to realize the autonomous positioning and navigation by controller with LiDAR SLAM Software, 2D / 3D lidar, IMU, TOF camera, GPS, ultrasonic, infrared, anti-drop, gyroscope, odometer and other sensors to evaluate the relevant concepts or project at early development. The solution has the excellent environmental perception, the high robustness and accurate positioning open platform and perfect documentation tools, which could have convenient, seamless and quick access to various downstream terminals

LS 3D SLAM Robot Solution

LS 3D SLAM Navigation System Structure


With LS 3D SLAM AGV navigation solutions, the secondary development and commissioning of the robotics or AGV system can start with the web-based debugging platform, when the LiDAR SLAM software, control module,  sensors, drivers, and robot chassits are physically connected and power is supplied. 

The robotics system can be configured for different application scenarios:

Indoor Application;

Outdoor Application;

GPS Navigation Application. 



3D SLAM Control Module

Collect the real-time data from all sensors, process it with 3D LiDAR SLAM algorithm, and then output the control data to Robot wire control board and finally to Robot chassis.


LS 2D or 3D LiDAR

Provide real-time point cloud data for system mapping, matching positioning, and path planning navigation.


TOF Camera

Assistance in positioning, identifying lane boundaries, and cargo palletsA



Assist the map construction


Robot wire control board

As the bottom wire control unit of the Robot, it is responsible for collecting the forklift status information and sending control signals to Robot's chassis.


4G / WIFI Module​ (Optional)

Communication and Navigation assistance.


GPS Module (Optional)

GPS-RTK positioning and navigation


Other sensor supported

Array Lidar; Ultrasonic; Anti-drop; Gyroscope; Mile meter; Infrared sensor.

LS SLAM Robot Solution System Characteristics

Combined ROS and Web

High performance robot control service and response

3D positioning and mapping technology in large space

Multi-sensor fusion and environment perception technology

Intelligent path tracking technology

Integration: electrical interface, USB, UART, Can, IO is integrated on all-in-one, conforming to international standards

One station: map construction, integrated completion of positioning and navigation

Extensibility: provide a circuit package with customization to facilitate the expansion requirements of different navigation schemes

System Functions

Anti drop

Support instantaneous shutdown and alarm

Virtual wall

Support random shape drawing

Designated location navigation

Support multi-location and position repeat navigation

Point Location orientation

Support for orientation in different directions after positioning

Point Location Stop

Support staying time setting

Voice broadcast

Support voice customization

Map switch

Support map switching between different layers of map (for engineering design)

Map scanning control

Support mobile control

Calibration function

Support map interface manual calibration

Task configuration

Support multi-task configuration

Task activation

Support activation of task instantaneously and at preset schedule

Pathway monitoring

Support real time positioning and status display

Task assignment

Support progress percentage and remaining time estimation

Task start and stop

Support task duly stop and restart

Automatic charging

Support laser infrared positioning cross checking

LS 3D LiDAR SLAM System Application Examples

LS 3D SLAM Navigation System

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