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7 tips for Autonomous LiDAR Drone & UAV pilots

For many pilots, they may make some very “low-level” mistakes. The following 7 items, which seem “rookie” and are always ignored, are crucial things.

Drone LiDAR Tips

1. Calibrate Your LiDAR Drone

Calibrate the compass of the LiDAR UAV every time you change the take-off location.

Every time you go to a new takeoff and landing point, remember to “dance” your drone and perform a compass calibration. Remember, though, to keep your calibration away from places that are prone to interference such as parking lots, construction sites, and cell towers.

2. LiDAR Drone Maintenance: Routine maintenance your drone.

Before and after takeoff, remember to check the LiDar drone to ensure the normal working condition of the drone. Check if the screws are firm, if the propeller is in good condition, if the motor is running normally, if the voltage is stable, and don’t forget to check if the remote control is fully charged.

3. LiDAR Drone Charging
Do not leave a fully charged or exhausted UAV battery idle for a long time.

The smart batteries used in drones are very expensive, but they are what keep the drones powered. When you need to leave the battery unused for a long time, charge the battery halfway to help prolong the life of the battery. When using, also remember not to use them too “clean”.

4. LiDAR Drone Packing
Remember to pack the Drone properly

If you are going to travel with drones, especially when taking a plane, try to take them on the plane, and carry the batteries separately from the drone to avoid spontaneous combustion. At the same time, in order to protect the drone, it is best to use a protective carrying case.

5. LiDAR Drone Backups
Redundant backup planning your job

Accidents are always inevitable, and once the drone fails to take off, the shooting project is often stranded. Especially for commercial shooting, redundant backup is a must. Even if it is not used as a backup, dual-camera simultaneous flight shooting is essential for commercial shooting.

6. LiDAR Drone Flying Status
Ensure Eligible to Fly.

Flying a drone is like driving a car. In addition to the equipment, you need to be in good shape. Don’t listen to other people’s advice, you are the pilot, you are responsible for the drone, think carefully before doing any operation.

7. LiDAR Drone Data Transfer
Enqure You Transfer data out of the UAV system in time.

There is nothing more painful than flying for a day, and finally the drone has an accident and all the data all day is lost. Bring enough cards and replace one after each landing to ensure that the data captured on each flight is properly preserved.

Now, we wish you all have a safe, enjoyable and productive flight..

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