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C32W LiDAR Scanner – Wide FoV

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CX Series 32 channel LiDAR achieves 360° 3D high-speed scanning with 32 beam laser, measurement range up to 200 m, ±3cm accuracy, minimum vertical angle resolution up to 0.33°(C32), C32 widely used in an autonomous vehicle, ADAS, smart transportation, service robots, logistics, surveying and mapping, security and so on.

C32W 3D Wide FoV LiDAR Sensor

C32W 3D wide FoV LiDAR sensor not only owns 360°x 69.9° ultra-wide scanning field of view, but also centrally scanning the space below the LiDAR, which is possible to efficiently recognize the low obstacles in the near-distance, greatly reduced the detection of blind zone space. It can measure range up to 100 m, ±3cm accuracy, minimum vertical angle resolution up to 1.33°.


  • High point density, 300,000 point per second(C20)
  • Wide field of view, with 360° horizontal FOV and 69.9°vertical FOV.
  • The C32 Vertical angular resolution up to 1.33°, focused on front area data acquisition.

Specifications of C32W 3D Wide FoV LiDAR Sensor:

  • Channels: 32
  • Measurement Technique: TOF
  • Wave Length: 905nm
  • Laser Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014
  • Measurement Range: 100m
  • Ranging Accuracy: ±2cm
  • Angle resolution:
    • Horizontal: 5Hz: 0.09º/ 10Hz: 0.18º/ 20Hz: 0.36º
    • Vertical: Min 1.33°
  • Data Points Generated: 300,000 points per second
  • Rotation Speed: 5~20 Hz
  • FOV – Horizontal: 360°
  • FOV – Vertical: -55°~14.9°
  • IP: IP67
  • Weight: ≤1500g
  • Dimensions (D*H): 102*105mm
  • Communication Interface: 1000M Ethernet、PPS
  • Operation Voltage: 10V~36VDC

Support Documents Of C32W 3D Wide FoV LiDAR Sensor

Parts included in the package:

  • 1 unit of C32W LiDAR
  • 1 unit of LiDAR power and communication adapter
  • 1 unit of Ethernet cable
  • Screws for installation

cx32 3d lidar sensor package

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