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Automated Pallet Mover – SFL-CBD15, 1.5T Capacity

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SFL CBD15 is an Automated pallet jack AGV in small size but with 1.5T or 2.0T large capacity, with 360° Large Field of View, Multiple Security Protection

What Is An Automated Pallet Mover?

An automated pallet mover is a piece of specialised machinery or equipment designed to carry pallets, which are wooden or plastic platforms used to stack and store items. These devices are used to speed up the transfer of big or bulky items in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, and other industrial environments.

Automated pallet movers exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their functionality varies, but they commonly do the following:

Pallet Transport: The primary function of an automated pallet mover is to transport pallets from one point inside a facility to another. Pallets can be moved from storage racks to loading docks, from one section of a production line to another, or from reception areas to storage.

Material Handling: Some automated pallet movers have arms, forks, or conveyors that allow them to lift, stack, or de-stack loads on the pallets as well as carry them. As a result, they are adaptable to a variety of material handling jobs.

Automation and control: Automated pallet movers are outfitted with sensors, cameras, and control systems that enable them to navigate and operate autonomously inside a specific region. They can navigate predetermined pathways, avoid obstructions, and function securely in congested areas.

Productivity and efficiency: These machines are used to improve workflow and increase efficiency. They may work continuously, without breaks or rest, resulting in increased production and lower labour expenses.

Safety elements are built into automated pallet movers to prevent accidents and mishaps. They can detect and react to unexpected obstructions or individuals in their path, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

There are several varieties of automated pallet movers, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which follow a predetermined course or utilise floor markers for navigation, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which navigate in dynamic situations using sensors and mapping technologies. The type of automated pallet mover selected is determined by the facility’s requirements, layout, and the products being handled.


Key Features of CBD15 Automated Pallet Jack

Small in Size but 1 .5T Large in Load Capacity

CBD15 AGV pallet jack is only 932mm width designed for narrow aisles, with a load capacity up to 1 ,5T & 2.0T.

360° Large Field of View, Multiple Security Protection

CBD15 robotic pallet jack Support up to 360° scanning range, 40m detection distance, large field of view for greater safety. With 3D safety obstacle detection laser, distance sensor, hardware self-check, and other features.

3+ Type of Pallet, Wide Angle High Precision Identification

CBD15 automated pallet mover supports multi-angle and high-precision identification of multi-size and multi-type pallets, box pallets and shelves, such as euro pallets and non-standard pallets.

Support up to 400,000m2 Large Map

Identification of maps up to 400,000m 2, easily transcending area restrictions and providing greater handling space and more storage options.

Speed Increase 100% up to 2m/s

CBD15 pallet jack AGV can move with maximum 2m/s running speed, 1 00% faster than the old model pallet truck.

Quick Charge and Change, Dual Battery and Double Endurance

Supports up to 46A fast charging. Charging 1 H for single battery can run 4-6H, for dual battery 8-1 OH running. Quick battery replacement in 3 minutes. Modular battery with global certification. Supports one more battery extension, double endurance.