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Wide FoV LiDAR Scanner – CH64W – Global Shipping

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The CH64W wide FoV Lidar scanner is a product designed specifically for blind spots elimination. Based on the strucure design of the auto-grade lidar, it has an ultra-wide FOV (field of view) angle of 180°*40°, and the measurement accuracy reaches ±3 cm. This lidar can efficiently recognize obstacles within close range, and realize accurate environmental perception of the blind areas of vehicals, robots, and AGVs.

Delivery Terms:

DAP, Global shipping

Parts included in the package:

1 unit of CH64W 3D LiDAR sensor and its accessories


OEM Warranty, 1 year;

Lead Time:

2 weeks plus transport.

Overview of Wide FoV LiDAR Scanner – CH64W

CH64W wide FoV LiDAR Scanner is designed based on Leishen Hybride Solid-state technology for blind area detection. Its ultra wide horizontal field of view is 180 ° x 40 ° . The measurement accuracy is ± 3 cm which help cars, robots and AGV have excellent perception for blind areas.


How do LS Hybrid solid-state LiDAR scanners work?

Under the circumstance that the solid-state technology is not mature and ready for commercialize, the hybrid technology is the best solution for harsh working conditions. Comparing to the mechanical lidar scanner, the hybrid solid-state technology doesn’t have the whole electronic structure spinning, but only a spin prism to achieve the scanner while the laser emitter and receiver are static. This design allows the lidar scanner to work under high-vibration condition and achieves long durability, which are the key elements for automotive grade certification. The following figure shows the working principle of the hybrid solid-state lidar scanners from Leishen LiDAR:

automotive grade lidar scanner working principle

Operating principles of ToF LiDAR

Ranging principle of CH64W series multi-line hybrid solid-state automotive grade LiDAR sensor : Time of Flight Time of flight: the laser emitter emits a laser pulse, and the internal timer starts to calculate the time (𝑡1). When the laser wave hits the object, part of the energy returns, and when the laser receiver receives the return laser wave, the internal timer is stopped (𝑡2)
Distance = velocity of light × (𝑡2 − 𝑡1)/2


Wide FoV LiDAR Scanner – CH64W


  • High point density, capability of generating approximately 640,000 point per second(C32)/ 400,000 point per second(C20)
  • Wide field of view, with 360° horizontal FOV and 32°vertical FOV.
  • The C32 Vertical angular resolution up to 0.33°, focused on front area data acquisition.

Specifications of CH64W Wide FoV LiDAR Scanner:

  • Channels: 32
  • Measurement Technique: TOF
  • Wave Length: 905nm
  • Laser Classification: Class 1 Eye-safe/ IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014
  • Measurement Range: 80m
  • Ranging Accuracy: ±3cm
  • Angle resolution:
    • Horizontal:0.36° @ 10Hz
    • Vertical: 0.63° @ 10Hz
  • Data Points Generated: 350,000 points per second
  • Rotation Speed: 10, 20 Hz
  • FOV – Horizontal: 180°
  • FOV – Vertical: -25°~15°
  • IP: IP67
  • Function Safety Level: ISO26262(ASIL B)
  • Communication Interface: 1000M Ethernet、PPS
  • Operation Voltage: 9V~36VDC
  • Dimension(L·W·H): 116 * 90 * 76 mm

Point Cloud DEMO of CH64W



Applications – Blind Spot Detection



Support Documents of CH64W Wide FoV LiDAR Scanner:


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