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N301/401 Lidar for AGV, robotics

LS N301/401 Lidar Sensors

The N301/401 2D Surround LiDAR adopt the TOF principle, with a 360 ° scanning and measurement range is up to 150m. The ranging accuracy is ±3cm (N401, ±1cm), which can identify the position, size and moving direction of the detected object in real time.


■Field of View      360°

■Distance Accuracy     +/-3cm

■Distance Range      0.1-10m

■Scan Frequency      10~25Hz(configurable)

■Angular Resolution     0.18°~0.45°(configurable)

Power supply

Flexible power

Flexible range of power supply from DC 9V to 36V.

High accuracy

High accuracy

Distance measurement accuracy up to ±1cm.

Multiple interface

Both Ethernet and UART interface available to choose.


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Sun Glare Resistant

N series Lidar sensors work with normal function under sunlight up to 110000lx, so they are suitable for applications both indoor and outdoor. 

Vibration Proof

Vibration withstand

N series Lidar sensors can withstand up to 40G vibration, and this ensure the sensor can work with heavy duty mechinaries with no hassle. 

Application of N301/401 Lidar Sensors

Navigation & anti-collision of service robot

Robot navigation and collision-avoidance

Navigation & anti-collision of AGV