Forestry Survey - GVI LiDAR Scanning System and Processing Software in Australia

We are brining GVI forestry survey solutions into Australia, which include LiAir and LiBackpack LiDAR scanning systems and LiDAR360 software suite are the intelligent and automated solutions for collecting and managing the data for forestry survey. The solution can achieve the following functions:

• How many trees are there in a specific area?• How tall are the trees in the area that I am going to harvest timber from?
• How much carbon is stored in the biomass of the forests that I am studying?
• How much wood will get the forest in front of me yield at harvest?

If you are interested in finding the answers to the question above, take should a few minutes to read the following article which explains how GreenValley International (GVI) products can be applied to meet common forest inventory and management objectives.

Just a few years ago, people were only able to use remote sensing imagery and photogrammetric data products to determine the stocking level of a forested area. Information from these sources were combined with the field measurements collected by hand in order to answer the questions stated at the beginning of this article. But nowadays, with the recent advancement of LiDAR technologies, collecting forest inventory data has become easier than ever. LiDAR, as a high-accuracy detection instrument, can easily acquire measurements needed to produce three-dimensional point cloud models of forests with centimeter-levels of accuracy. Critical information can be extracted directly from these LiDAR point clouds models or calculated when coupled with other sources of forest inventory data.

GVI’s turnkey solutions for forest industries include hardware and software products that make LiDAR data collection, processing, and analysis possible

Data Collection

LiAir Series: UAV-based, High-accuracy LiDAR Systems
LiBackpack Series: portable, SLAM-based mobile LiDAR Systems

Data Processing

LiGeoreference: LiAir Data Processing Software
LiFuser-BP: LiBackpack Data Processing and Visualization Software

Data Analysis

LiDAR360 with Forestry Module:

Forest Metric Extraction,

Individual Tree Measurement,

Forest Regression Analysis

Data Aquisition Hardware for Forestry Survey

LiAir V70

LIAIR V70 lidar for drone, aerial survey lidar

The LiAir V70’s lightweight and portable design offers an wide-angle field of view and fast scanning rate that make UAV-LiDAR data capture efficient. There are few operating restrictions with this device and it has the adaptability to perform effectively in a wide variety of environments.
As a UAV-based 3D laser scanning device, LiAir V70 is well positioned to obtain detailed and accurate measurement data from hard-to-access upper forest canopy regions.

Key Performance Data

Range Accuracy±2 cm

1.1 kg(Incl.Camera)

0.9kg without Camera

Scan Range320 m @ 80% Reflectance


LiBackpack DGC50


LiBackpack DGC50 is the flagship model in GVI’s LiBackpack Series. This system features dual LiDAR sensors and a panoramic camera that allow users to capture RGB information and generate colored point cloud. The device’s SLAM technology enables it to be used in GNSS-denied zones that are commonly found beneath forest canopies. From this scanning perspective, users can obtain the complete structure of the trunks of the trees and the lowest strata of forest canopies. Furthermore, DBH, canopy coverage, etc. can be readily extracted from this type of ground- based LiDAR data using tools found in GVI’s LiDAR360 TLS Forest Module.

Key Performance Data

Range Accuracy±3 cm

9 kg

Max Ranging Distance100m


Data Processing Software for Forestry Survey


• Post-process GNSS information collected by LiAir INS

• Generate colorized point cloud with high levels of absolute accuracy

• Reproject point cloud data to a user-specified target spatial reference system

• Calculate and apply boresight corrections to LiAir generated point clouds


LiFuser - BP

• Generate 3D, colorized point clouds from data collected with LiBackpack models that feature an integrated panoramic camera

• Produce 3D point clouds using GVI’s advanced SLAM algorithm

• Adjust data processing parameters based on the surveying conditions to improve accuracy

• Align spatially overlapping point clouds collected at different times

• Easily clean and manage 3D point cloud data

• Display the data in ways that make it easier for the user to interpret


Data Analysis Platform for Forestry Survey


LiDAR360’s Forestry Module allows users to:
• Obtain the forest inventory metrics rapidly
• Segment forest point clouds into individual trees
• Determine tree densities and stocking levels automatically
• Perform regression analysis with external plot-level data inputs and forest LiDAR to predict the variables that the user is interested in (e.g. above ground biomass, carbon storage, standing timber volumes, expected yield, etc.) across an entire area

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