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Mobile LiDAR Scanner with Riegl VUX-1 LR

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LiHawk can also be installed for mobile laser scanning applications. The centimeter-level accuracy of this measurement device will meet the rigorous accuracy demands of civil engineering and critical infrastructure maintenance professionals. And the high-definition digital camera module can be used to generate photogrammetry products as well as true color 3D point clouds during each LiDAR survey.

Key Features of Mobile LiDAR Scanner with Riegl VUX-1 LR


The system can be mounted on different platforms (e.g. Multi-Rotor UAV LiAir series,  fixed-wing airplane platform and Mobile) for data collection.


LiHawk is a highly integrated LiDAR system, with only 4.0 kg weight without a camera. The system supports an external solid-state drive to store the collected data, which eliminates the time to download data from the system and improves operational efficiency.

One-Stop Solution

GVI supports self-developed software for data collection, data georeferencing, data post-processing and data analysis. GVI’s Software Suite provides you a one-stop solution without using any other third-party software.

General Specifications

Laser Sensor: Riegl VUX-1 LR
Max. Measurement Rate: 750,000 pts / sec
Scan Rate: 10 Hz -200 Hz
Field of View: 330°
Scan Range: 1350 m @ Reflectance ≥ 60%
System Accuracy: Horizontal Accuracy < 10 cm, Vertical Accuracy < 10 cm
Flight Height: 200 m
POS System Performance:
Attitude: 0.005° (1σ)
Azimuth: 0.009° (1σ)
Weight Incl.Camera: 4.35 kg
Dimensions (Main Unit): 297 * 180 * 147 mm
Flight Time: More than one hour
Camera: SONY A7RII (24 mm prime lens)
Post-Processing Software (Optional): LiDAR360 & LiPowerline

Required Software for LiHawk Drone LiDAR Scanner

Pre-processing Software

Date management, Post-processing and Analyzing Software

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