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LiAir X3C-H Drone LiDAR Scanner – 32 Channel LiDAR Sensors

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The LiAir X3C-H is a new compact high-performance UAV LiDAR system and is the upgraded version of the LiAir 50N by GreenValley International. It adopts a new integrated design style and built-in high-resolution mapping camera, providing higher performance and convenient operation for power-line inspection, topographic surveying, agricultural and forest monitoring, and more.


General Specification of LiAir X3C-H LiDAR for Drone

Range Accuracy: ±3 cm
Detection Range:

80m (reflectance ≥ 10%) 200m (reflectance ≥ 54%)  300m (reflectance ≥ 90%)

Channels: 32
Power Consumption: 24 W
System Accuracy: ± 5 cm
POS System Performance:
Attitude: 0.008° (1σ)
Azimuth: 0.038° (1σ)
Mounting Platform: DJI’s Matrice 600 Pro, M300 RTK
Camera (Optional): Sony A5100
Weight: 1.12 kg
Dimensions (Incl. Camera) 200* 105* 160 mm
Field of View: 360° (Horizontal) X 43° (Vertical)

Number of Returns: 3

Scan Rate: First Return:  640,000 points/s

Dual Return: 1,280,000 points/s

Triple Return: 1,920,000 points/s

Downloads for LiAir X3C-H LiDAR for Drone

Required Software for LiAir X3C-H Drone LiDAR Scanner

Pre-processing Software

Date management, Post-processing and Analyzing Software

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