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Latent Jacking Transfer Robot – AMB 300XS – Safety Certified, Class 4 Cleanliness

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AMB 300XS latent jacking robots / AGV are with following features:

  • Safety certification (ISO 3691-4:2020) provides the highest level of quality and safety assurance.
  • CLASS 4 Cleanliness, More Reliability
  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance, Safer

Safety Certification

Safety certification (ISO 3691-4:2020) provides the highest level of quality and safety assurance.

CLASS 4 Cleanliness, More Reliability

Pass ISO CLASS4 cleanliness test, can be directly used in high cleanliness demand industries such as food & semiconductor industry.

Rich Interfaces for Rich Applications

Rich interfaces are reserved for the expansion of the upper-level mechanism, which can realize various AMRs applications.

Accurate Positioning of ±5mm

Navigation positioning accuracy of ±5mm and navigation speed of 1 .5m/s help enterprises to work efficiently.

Overall Functions and Hassle-free Expansion

Basic functions include map editing, model editing, positioning and navigation, basic motion model, peripheral extensions, interfaces, etc.

3D Obstacle Avoidance, More Safety

3D obstacle avoidance and precise localization are supported to further enhance product safety performance.

General Specifications

Technical Parameters

Navigation method: Laser SLAM
Drive mode: Two-wheel differential
Shell color:  RAL9003
L*W*H:  842mm*582mm*302.5mm
Rotation diameter:  972.6mm
Load capacity:  300kg
Chassis ground clearance:  27mm
Laser scanning height: 185.43mm
Network Ethernet/Wi-Fi:  802.1 1 a/b/g/n/ac
Ambient temperature and humidity range:  TEMP: 0-50°C/RH: 10-90%,
no compression, no condensation
IP rating: IP21


ISO 3691-4



Cleanliness: ISO Class 4

Battery parameters

Battery specifications: 48V/40Ah ((Ternary lithium)
Comprehensive battery life: 12h
Automatic charging parameters: 54.6V/20A
Charging time (10-80%): <2.5h
Charging method: Manual/Automatic/Switch
Battery cycle number: >500 times

Performance parameters

Passability (slope/step/gap): <5%/5mm/30mm
Minimum passable width: 722mm
Navigation position accuracy: ±5mm
Navigation angle accuracy: ±0.5°
Navigation speed: <1.5m/s
Map area(single frame): <400000m 2

Dimension (mm)

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