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Automatic Forklift Solutions

We transform your Electrical Forklifts into Robots:

Send your order and sit back; the automatic forklift will get the job done automatically; 

They don’t make mistakes: precise fork positioning and automatic obstacle avoidance make your warehouse safer, and they don’t feel fatigue and complain. 

LS Unmanned Forklift Control System

Overall System Structure

With the rapid development of intelligent logistics and intelligent warehousing, automatic forklifts have emerged for saving the operation cost and improve the warehouse safety performance. Leishen has developed a complete set of unmanned forklift application systems that can be applied to large logistics storage centers based on lidar sensors, which can be effectively deployed in cargo handling on-demand indoor and outdoor requirements, such as ports, airports, factory warehouses and logistics centers, etc.


The system is compatible with most electrical forklifts which are with CAN bus access to the forklift driver. The overall system structure is shown in the picture below: 

Automatic forklift system structure

The system includes two parts: 

  • Intelligent dispatch and monitor system: the intelligent dispartch and monitor system is responsible for receiving the tasks from ERP/WMS warehous management system, and assign them to the forklifts standby, and monitoring the operation status of the forklift and report the status back to warehouse management system. 
  • Unmanned forklift control system: the unmanned forklift system is the execution unit in the entire application system. Each unmanned forklift can automatically complete the autonomous navigation and handling of target goods, automatic loading & unloading and intelligent identification of goods through the navigation tasks issued by the intelligent scheduling system. Each unmanned forklift body basically includes an autonomous positioning and navigation module, an underlying sensor integration and motion control module, a multi-protection alarm module, a power monitoring and autonomous charging module, functions such as automatic fork unloading and intelligent identification of goods during the tasks execution.

Intelligent Dispatch and Monitor System

Job schedule system of automatic forklift system

1. Interface to ERP/WMS

Receive the tasks from ERP /WMS, and feedback the tasks execution status;

2. Intelligent Schedule Algorithm Module

The core of the system, distributes the tasks and plans the paths of Forklifts according to the map constructed and operation status of the forklifts;

3. Unmanned Forklift Interfaces

Send and received data from forklifts, such as orders and operation status;

4. HMI - Monitoring Platform

Display the locations, operation status, and storage status, and also generator reports and operation logs etc.

Automatic Forklift Control System

Automatic forklift control system
Sensors on Automatic forklift



Provide 3D real-time point cloud data for system mapping, matching positioning, and path planning navigation.


LS anti-collision LiDAR

Real-time obstacle avoidance, safety protection of forklift running area.



Assistance in positioning, identifying lane boundaries, and cargo palletsA



detection fork unloading up and down.



Real-time detection of forklift attitude and assistance for the mapping construction and navigation


Industrial Control Processor

Algorithm Operation Processing Platform.


STM32 control board

As the bottom wire control unit of the forklift, it is responsible for collecting the forklift status information and sending control signals to forklift, like motor & fork control.

Automatic Forklift System Functions

Functions of automatic forklift system

Autonomous navigation

The autonomous navigation function of the automatic forklift is mainly realized by the LiDAR 3D SLAM algorithm, which mainly includes 3D scene map construction, matching positioning, path planning and real-time obstacle avoidance navigation.

3D scene map construction

3D LiDAR and SLAM algorithm are used to complete the work scene map construction.

Matching and positioning

With IMU data, LiDAR is used to scan and collect the point cloud data and the scene map in real time for matching and positioning.

Path planning and real-time obstacle avoidance

Path planning and navigation is the core function of Automatic forklift. It uses a priori information of LiDAR detection, uses global planning to give the route of motion, and makes specific behavior planning according to the local planning function of obstacle avoidance information. And motion planning, and finally converted into a series of continuous navigation track target

Pallet and Container Identification

Container Identification

Depth camera and Lidar are used to identify the position of the pallets and container entrance, along with the encoder to monitor the accurate the position of the forklift. Ensure the goods can be loaded and unloaded accurately and the Automatic Forklift can enter and exit the container safely. 

Goods Idenfication and Automatic Loading and Unloading

1. Goods Identification

Goods Identification can be achieved with Goods Information identification module to classify different types of Goods.

2. automatic loading and Unloading

The application function in the unmanned forklift system mainly uses the information of the intelligent perception and recognition module to control the precise movement of each mechanism of the forklift, and realize the automatic fork and unload of the goods.


1. Anti-collision - 3 Levels Anti-collision Areas

2. Anti-Drop protection

3. Remote Interference

4. Power monitor and Auto-charging

5.Protection for special parts with infrared and buffer anti-collision strips;

Video DEMOS of Automatic Forklift